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Mar 7

Be Inspired by the Battles. Game of Thrones is kinda like life in LA and I’m gonna tell you about it.


Today was one of DEM DAYS. Where you just wanna go home and put a cool cloth over your head and lie in bed and say “I’m DONE!.” Every day in Los Angeles as a struggling dreamer is a battle. This is GAME OF THRONES. You gotta be ready for war or you gonna get squished.

Because everything happens at the very last second in this biz, I got an audition late last night for a TV SHOW. A cool role, too. And during pilot season they run a tight ship. There is one hour for you to show up and say your lines then they move on. 

Of course the one hour of the entire week the Universe chooses for me to have this bitchin audish is when I have my other job, the one that pays my bills so that Momma can stay in LA to get on TV eventually. 

The audition is at Noon and I’m set to work til 1. It’s in WEST LOS ANGELES and I live in Silver Lake which is like SO far. If we’re talking Game of Thrones, I’m in King’s Landing and the audition is like the wall with all that snow or whatever. FAR FROM ME.

So I start cursing the planet. UGH WHY IS IT SO FAR. UGH GAS IS SO EXPENSIVE. Now I gotta wake up extra early to push my work up so I can be done in time to get in the the car, crawl in traffic across the metroplex, and get there on time.

So I do all that. Then I get there and OF COURSE there’s nowhere to park. A BATTLE. I park 3 streets over at a meter. (Tangent: Lesson I’ve learned the hard way and you should take it from me and avoid the lessen yourself: Just fill the meter. Don’t anticipate only being there half an hour. Just pay the 4 dollars and pay for the full 2 hours or whatever. You never know what you’re gonna face when you get in that room and it very well may take 2 hours. And 4 dollars in a meter is way less than 75 for a ticket.)

Okay, so I have a few minutes to get there on time, and I’m briskly walking through this weird auto yard section of West LA, and all these auto mechanic guys are yelling things at me and trying to talk to me cause I’m wearing short shorts as a character choice, and I’m sure there are very respectful wonderful auto mechanics but these guys gave them a bad name, so they’re comments are making me even more agitated. These shorts are a character choice! 

So at this point I’m a pleasant cocktail of: tired from waking up early, stressed from my journey, agitated from the long trek to the casting place cause there’s no parking and from being ogled by scum bags. 

Then I walk into this place and let it ALL GO. I really worked on it. I breathed. I stood alone in the corner of the waiting room (by the way, super backed up and I was in there over an hour- GLAD I FILLED THAT METER, SON) and I said the following to myself (and now to whoever reads this)

I am here to audition for a TV show. This place casts lots of them. They don’t know me and this is my one shot to show them I’m taking my career seriously. Shake off all that bull. I want to be here and I want to do this. I was the class clown and star of my high school. I’m Robb Stark. That feeling I got making people laugh is my favorite thing about life. I moved away from my family to this big, gross town because I want to be on TV. I’m now in this room with 15 other class clown stars of their towns. We all want this and we all sat in traffic and battled Los Angeles and got here to do this.

THIS IS WHAT IT’S LIKE! If you want the best job in the world you are gonna have to FIGHT for it. Girl, you better WORK. You gotta have 3 jobs and juggle them constantly. You gotta learn those lines when you’re exhausted. You gotta gas up that car and grit your teeth and fight through that traffic. You’re probably gonna almost pee your pants a few times a week.  Then you’re gonna get there and it’s gonna be backed up so it didn’t even matter if you got there on time but YOU DID! BATTLE!

You gotta FIGHT FOR THIS DREAM. Cause it’s the biggest one. The best job in the world is gonna require A TON of hard work and exhaustion and battles and aggravation and parking meters and lascivious auto mechanics. And when your dream comes true it will be the ultimate victory. And you will remember all of this struggle and not be a dick to people. That’s what separates this business from the people who truly worked for it and the people who were handed their spot. BE ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS. Don’t be King Joffrey.

So I’m gonna try really hard to not get pissed when I get an audition far away and at an inconvenient time. That’s why I left my family in Texas: To get auditions. If I don’t wanna drive in LA traffic or memorize lines or get ogled by mechanics I coulda stayed in Garland and gotten a nice, sensible desk job at a used car lot right by my house. But I want THIS! GAME of THRONES! GAME of THRONES! GAME of THRONES! 

I’m sure actors get their audition emails and say the traffic will be terrible then and opt to not go. And I’m sure some actors do reach a point where they’ve had enough of this lifestyle and move back home/give up. LET EM! MORE ROOM FOR US! Fight and work hard and put on your metaphorical armor and BATTLE FOR YOUR DREAMS! Pretend you’re the Khaleesi! You got Dragons on your side!

So I’m gonna appreciate the opportunities I get and know that all of the frustration and hard work will make me stronger and the eventual reward that much sweeter. No more whining about parking and late audition notices and all the muck! Remember why you’re here and battle and SUCCEED! 

Just wanted to pass this on to any fellow dreamers in short shorts holding in their pee and anger while sitting in traffic. 

-Jackie Stark