My life, my face

LA woman by way of The Big D. I love the 90's. I wear wigs more often than most people. Peggy Bundy is my fashion icon. I look fly at all times cause I live by the creed "fake it til you make it." I live to be funny and I'm livin the dream. Here you'll find veggies, dogs, fashion, fierceness, funny, my life, and my face. This content is aimed at my closest friends and people I have never met -Jackie Johnson

Mar 7

Anonymous said: you remind me of Emma Stone, except even prettier and funnier/ How are you not famous yet??!

Thank you, Anon. I would be famous if you were a casting director. I photograph well but move weird so I don’t look right on camera but I’m working on it, so hopefully I will book work soon and slowly get famous.

Thank you for the positivity! 

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